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Period 1:      8:15 am -  9:10 am
Period 2:      9:15 am - 10:20 am (includes 10 min for small snack and water brought from home)
Period 3:     10:25 am - 11:30 am
Period 4:     11:25 am - 12:15 pm

NOTE: There is a registration fee of $25.00 per family. Click on the class title to view the class description. Click on the teacher's name to view the teacher's bio. Some classes list additional supplies to be purchased at home.

PLEASE check the class description so your child can be prepared for the first day of class. Thank you!

When you register, you will be prompted to pick a volunteer date (or dates, depending on how many children you enroll) or pay an opt-out fee. The time for volunteering is from 8:10 am - 12:15 pm. This will allow us time to get you situated and to help us with clean up procedures. If you have previously volunteered at CHoSEN, please consider choosing Weeks 1-2. If this is your first semester volunteering, please consider Weeks 3-11 which will allow more time for training. Remember, we LOVE our volunteers!!

In order to assist you in choosing classes best-suited for your child, classes now carry a rating assigned by each individual teacher. The key is as follows:

  • RR - Reading Required - there will be reading assignments for homework
  • NH - No Homework - there will be no homework assignments
  • LH - Light Homework - there will be very light assignments which are encouraged and will enhance the class, but will not be required
  • MH - Medium Homework - there will be a small amount of homework that will be required
  • HH - Heavy Homework - there will be a good amount of homework that will be required
  • Honors - Serious Homework - student must seek teacher approval to register; student and parent agree to do all required homework, to actively participate and to take the class seriously; student may be asked to leave the class if not participating. No refunds will be given if asked to leave.
  • Please note: Any requests to be added to a waiting list must be submitted to CHoSEN at Please do NOT contact the teacher. Thank you.

    Answers to questions regarding dress code and other policies can be found under the General Information tab. Please take the time to read all General Information before the first day of class. Thank you.

    If schedule changes, cancellations, or withdrawals are requested after Aug. 28th, at 10pm EST, all materials fees may be NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Current schedule of classes offered for this upcoming term

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